The PEBCAK scenario: securing systems against non-malicious employees

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Ever use the expression PEBCAK? What about ID-Ten-T error?*

While many variations exist, they all mean the same thing: user error. Ignoring the negative sentiment implied, it’s effectively a shorthand to say, “not our fault.”

In the world of, say, technical support, perhaps this expression might be acceptable. Many tech support teams exist simply to ensure their widgets are functioning correctly. But when an IT representative uses such terms to refer to a user within the organization, shouldn’t it raise a red ...

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How to get stakeholder ‘buy in’ for regular penetration testing

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Yet another massive breach was confirmed last week, after 2.2 million patient and employee private records at cancer treatment provider 21st Century Oncology Holdings were found to be accessible to unauthorized third-parties.

Patients’ names, Social Security numbers, physicians’ names, diagnoses and treatment information, as well as insurance records could now all be in the clutches of unauthorized individuals. Ouch.

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