Want to outsource your IT security? 43 questions to ask

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When it comes to outsourcing IT security, there is no one size fits all.

In the last blog post, Is outsourcing your IT security right for your organization, we looked at why some companies choose to outsource their IT security requirements.

Here, we are going to find out how you identify a good IT security firm.

IT security is specific to every organization. It depends on what assets you are trying ...

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Is outsourcing your IT security right for your organization?

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Imagine you are running a large, swanky five-star hotel where guests expect to pay for luxury services. You might conclude that having full-time medical doctors on staff is worth the investment.

However, were you running a leaner hospitality operation, the associated costs of full-time doctors would simply be prohibitive, putting your business under unnecessary financial strain.

Now compare this scenario to that of a growing business needing to secure its systems, data and users from unauthorised access and malicious software.

For a few ...

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