Sarbanes Oxley Assessments

Though the majority of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is associated with public accounting, auditing, internal controls, and financial reporting, Sections 302, 404, and 409 are written specifically to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)address project management and Information Technology related project and process activities.
The challenge of designing and implementing internal controls for compliance is organization specific. However, as most of the processes and internal controls are more pervasively implemented through IT systems, IT management becomes crucial for SOX 404 conformance. Hence it becomes imperative to use proven IT frameworks and standards like COBIT, ISO 270001 and ITIL for a successful and effective SOX compliance.

Although many vendors offer services to companies seeking compliance and auditing solutions, few providers match TBG’s expertise, intelligence-gathering capabilities, commitment to open standards, or role as trusted advisor. TBG leverages regulatory knowledge, training, and experience; best-of-breed solutions; a global network of proven technology; and its history of stability and trust to deliver solutions that are not only effective, but also make the best use of existing in-house personnel, technology, and processes.

Flexible Compliance Services To Meet Your Needs

Working as either a full service consultant, or as an adjunct to your in-house business & security team TBG will execute our compliance readiness process to insure that your business meets or exceeds their compliance requirements. Following the readiness process we’ll work with your team to assist in meeting the certification requirements. Once the certification process is complete, TBG is prepared to offer ongoing services to assist your business in maintaining compliance readiness as requirements or regulations change and/or new vulnerabilities are detected.

For more information on how TBG Security can help your organization reach SOX compliance contact our Compliance Practice Manager or call us directly at 877.233.6651 ext 704.