Is Your Organization Prepared For BYOD?

The proliferation of mobile devices and mobile applications, along with the demands from executives and employees for support of their own personal devices to access business applications and data, force many organizations to take a hard look at their current mobile infrastructure. Unfortunately, much of this infrastructure is inadequate to deal with today’s challenges.

BYOD has wide appeal because employees value the convenience and ease of use, while businesses recognize that it allows their staff to be as productive as possible. However, the growth in personal devices being brought into the enterprise network is also a potential security threat as well as a huge headache for IT departments trying to make BYOD work.

The TBG Security Mobile Device Security Assessment is a holistic, security and risk assessment of your mobile device deployment and utilization throughout your organization.  The assessment is ideal for those organizations developing a BYOD strategy as well as organizations which have already deployed mobile devices in their organization.  Our Mobile Device Security Assessment will help you determine if your supporting backend infrastructure and data flows are secure and compliant.

Our proven Mobile Device Security Assessment methodology consists of:

  • Environmental Analysis
    • Identify documentation and existing solutions
    • Hold structured interviews with stakeholders
    • Review documentation and existing solutions
    • Conduct interviews with end users and/or create and implement survey
  • Readiness Analysis
    • Present BYOD Diagnostic findings from Environmental Analysis
    • Assess benefits and risks
    • Outline policy and implementation options
    • Hold review workshop
  • Strategy And Roadmap
    • Refine preferred policy and implementation options
    • Develop implementation roadmap
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