How Would You Respond To A Data Breach?

Experts say that 98 percent of business will suffer a security breach this year no matter what they do to prevent it. That being said, there is an overwhelming likelihood that your organization will be the victim of some type of computer security incident this year.  Responding appropriately to a security incident is a difficult task. As with any form of hostile incident, being prepared to repel the attack must take place before the attack occurs. Therefore, proper planning is essential.  Once an attack occurs, a rapid and thoroughly thought out response is critical.

You need to have an incident response plan in place – even if expert support is immediately available. AT TBG Security we’ve developed incident response programs for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. We develop policies and procedures – and most importantly train the people on the front line of incident detection and response.

TBG Security Helps You Respond To Incidents By...

Stop the attack

The first objective of incident response is to stop the attack. Whether it’s internal or external, the attack can shut down your business, compromise confidential information, and erode the trust of your customers.

Contain the damage

Once the attack has been stopped, we focus on minimizing damage and improving the system to prevent future incidents. Speed and quality are essential. They often determine the ability of a business to recover and contain damage.

Gather evidence

We also investigate to determine the extent of the damage and gather evidence. Evidence is essential when credit card data or other confidential information has been compromised. It may also be part of legal or contractual requirements.