To protect critical business services and assets, your organization needs to be confident that its security architecture is providing a robust, comprehensive defense. As the security architecture evolves over time, you must also ensure that security technologies remain aligned with security policy and compliance requirements.

Security experts no longer view security as a product or a solution, but as an in-depth system that must be incorporated throughout the business. The best way to manage security risk and compliance requirements is through a systematic approach that addresses the entire security lifecycle and is built upon a standards-based security infrastructure. If you do not implement effective security controls you place data integrity, information confidentiality, and the availability of business-critical applications at greater risk.

Flexible Security Architecture Services To Meet Your Needs

TBG’s Cyber Security Architecture Review Service provides a detailed evaluation of your organization’s network security architecture, technology policy, and management practices. This analysis allows your organization to strengthen its network security infrastructure by providing multilayer “defense-in-depth” network protection, avoid unexpected costs, and reduce compliance exposures. The service identifies vulnerabilities and recommends improvements to better align the security architecture with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17799 and 2700x security model, industry best practices, and your organization’s security policy.

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