What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You

TBG Security’s network and information Security Awareness Programs help reduce the overall security risk to an organization by integrating security into people’s daily business decisions. TBG Security draws upon extensive experience in security readiness assessment, policy creation and forensics to create world-class awareness campaigns designed to meet corporate objectives and regulatory requirements.

Each organization has different security requirements because their missions are unique, the sensitivity of their information is different, and varied regulations and policies affect the way they must handle their information. So, whoever is responsible for providing security awareness training in an agency must first assess the security needs of the organization and design the training to meet the needs.

TBG Security offers customized security awareness campaign development for organizations. Working with clients to craft specific security messages consistent with organizational policies, TBG Security programs build security awareness through coordinated delivery methods.

Whether for executive staff members, business managers, engineering groups, IT departments, or administrative personnel, TBG Security develops material that is relevant, timely and appropriate.

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