Who Can You Trust Anymore?

While there is just cause to be concerned about   hackers and viruses, the greatest threats to an organization’s information security are the employees of the company. They’re the ones who too often, too willingly, fall victim to Social Engineering ploys and open the doors to fraud and mayhem.

In order to avoid these types of attacks, educating your employees about how social engineering attacks occur, and having a plan in place to mitigate them are essential to surviving these any type of social engineering attack.

TBG’s Social Engineering Assessment solutions is focused on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employees ability to follow documented policies and procedures and security best practices.

Our Social Engineering Assessment Services consist of:

Onsite Assessment

  • Onsite impersonation

    We’ll be onsite pretending to be an authorized visitor or new employee while we attempt to gain access to your offices and/or buildings.

  • Camera placement testing

    We will test the placement of cameras throughout your organization and identify blind spots in coverage.  We will also attempt to penetrate your camera system and gain control of existing cameras.

  • Physical Penetration Testing

    We will attempt to gain access to your physical locations.

  • Device Deployment

    Memory sticks, thumb drives, USB drives or other such devices are distributed anonymously and employees are tested to determine if they are used on company resources.

  • Clean desk testing

    We will test the effectiveness of your clean desk policies and attempt to identify any intellectual capital or personal information that may be accessible on an employee or contractors desktop.

  • Dumpster diving and shredding

    We will actually dive into your trash be it in office or dumpsters and attempt to locate any sensitive information.


Remote Assessment

  • Intelligence Gathering

    We’ll scour the internet, social networking sites and any other available resources to see just how much intelligence we can gather about your company.

  • Email/Phishing Campaigns

    We’ll work with key personnel in your organization to create a targeted phishing campaign designed to show you where your organizations personnel may fall prey to phishing attacks.

  • Telephone Social Engineering

    We try to gain access to your organizations resources the old fashioned way, by calling someone in your company in attempt to gain access to computing and other resources within your company.


For more information about our Social Engineering Assessment Services, contact us our Consulting Practice Manager or call us directly at 877.233.6651 ext 707