TBG Security is pleased to announce that we’re creating one of the first Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment service offerings that will leverage drone technology.  This service is currently under development in our secure labs and once complete, we expect our TBG Drones will be able to:

  • Fly to a target building and land on the building’s roof.
  • Collect encryption data from the target network’s perimeter devices found within the building.
  • Transmit this encryption data to cloud based computing infrastructure for cracking.
  • Break the encryption using multiple computers located within a data center.
  • Transmit the cracked password back to the drone and login to the hacked target network.
  • Run a vulnerability assessment against the computers within the network from the drone.
  • Identify an attack vector and implement an attack to gain control of a target computer.
  • Gather intelligence and data from the compromised computer system using the drone.
  • Transmit this information back to the drone operator in real time.
  • Have the drone erase its footprint and fly home undetected

We’re very excited about this project and our target implementation date is sometime later this year.

For more information or to get in the queue to be one of our first clients to leverage this service call us directly at 877-233-6651.