Security Solutions For Retail

Information technology is vital for today’s retailers. Online e-Commerce retailers, traditional brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants and other retailers have deployed a wide array of technologies, from online shopping to supply chain management to integrated point-of-sale systems, in order to provide consumers with goods and services in a fashion that meets their demands for convenience, value and choice.

The Security Landscape for Retailers

While retailers have always been a favorite target of fraudsters and criminals, the threats they now face have expanded into new vectors made available by today’s technology. Not only have the threats changed, but the objective has shifted as well. Today, attackers are after personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, PINs, as well as sensitive company information that can be used or sold to the highest bidders.

Recent highly publicized disclosures have revealed that well-organized hackers are targeting retailers for the confidential customer information they transmit, process and store. In many cases, the breaches have resulted in the disclosure of hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information used for identity theft. After a breach, companies experience significant financial losses due to fines, lawsuits and unbudgeted expenses (such as notification costs). The damage to a retailer’s reputation is also costly with companies experiencing customer losses of 8 to 10 percent following a security breach, according to Forrester Research, Inc. While there have been no definitive measurements of revenue lost as a result of a breach (recent Forrester estimates range from $90 to $305 per record), it is clear that protecting sensitive customer information is essential to a retailer’s reputation and bottom line.

How TBG Security Can Help You The Retailer

In the retail industry, security solutions require more than just technology. Good security requires an understanding of the firm’s business processes, business requirements, appetite for risk, and risk-management alternatives. This broad perspective is at the heart of TBG Security’s solutions. TBG Security takes a holistic approach to addressing security challenges – rather than a piecemeal product-by-product approach. This broader view enables more robust and more resilient security systems for the financial services industry. And that’s what really matters. The bottom line for any enterprise is to strengthen security to build a trusted enterprise. TBG Security’s holistic approach helps companies reach this goal.

TBG Security provides end-to-end information security solutions. We have a proven track record of helping our customers gain efficiencies through technology support and implementation. Our experienced network of security experts has subject- matter expertise in a broad array of disciplines.

Through our industry expertise and track record with state and federal regulations and other compliance requirements for over 15 years, TBG Security acts as a trusted advisor to its clients around the world. We are on hand to guide our clients through their compliance program, to provide often vital advocacy to the compliance organizations and, and to supply any necessary remediation services. Our Industry expertise is reflected in these key benefits:

  • The Shortest Path To Compliance

    Unlike companies that simply know network security, we understand the requirements for a broad range of compliance regulations. We’ve seen the issues before and have implemented solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and customer profiles. Few other vendor can apply this unique knowledge and expertise to achieve faster, higher integrity project completion.

  • Flexible Solutions

    We pride ourselves on our customer driven approach to solving your organizations security challenges. TBG does not partner with any security vendors leaving us with a unique ability in the industry to present truly objective solutions. Our managed solutions are presented as a cost effective method to reduce overall operational costs, and are provided only as a small piece of the security puzzle. Technology is only part of a comprehensive security program. TBG understands, and everyday helps to educate its customers on the role that people and process play in solving the security puzzle.

  • Commitment To Excellence

    Although many vendors offer services to companies seeking compliance and auditing solutions, few providers match TBG’s expertise, intelligence-gathering capabilities, commitment to open standards, or role as trusted advisor. TBG leverages regulatory knowledge, training, and experience; best-of-breed solutions; a global network of proven technology; and its history of stability and trust to deliver solutions that are not only effective, but also make the best use of existing in-house personnel, technology, and processes.

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