ANSWER: The Employee.

Employees play a significant role in many cyber attacks, often without any malicious intent.

Employees lose devices, choose easy-to-guess passwords, or are fooled by sophisticated social engineering tactics.


Find out what’s REALLY happening on your network.

Find out where your IT Security defenses are weakest.

Need a penetration test for compliance reasons?

Concerned an employee might be stealing data?

Worried you may have vulnerabilities lurking in your network?

Meet TBG Security

frank murphy CEO TBG Security

“We provide unbiased advice, with no ties to any vendors. WE pride ourselves on being vendor agnostic. That’s one of the reasons why Fortune 500s get us to pen test their systems.”  
– Frank Murphy -CEO of TBG Security

  • World-class infosecurity consultants
  • Experts in regulatory compliance
  • Trusted cybersecurity advisors to world leading firms
  • Specialists in bespoke penetration test services for financial, industrial, and corporate environments
  • Fully independent and expert advice
  • Trusted cybersecurity advisors to world leading firms
  • Employ same tools and techniques as today’s hackers
  • Provide stakeholder-ready report outlining problem areas and recommendations
  • Customers include hedge funds, investment firms, health services, etc.
  • More than 12 years in cybersecurity

How We Work

We employ the world’s best and most certified white-hat hackers to uncover holes in your IT security.
Here are the steps involved:


    • Understand and prioritize your concerns and penetration tests goals (eg compliance, vulnerability, internal threat, etc)


    • Agree on penetration test approach and timings.


    • Assign expert cybersecurity penetration tester best suited for the tasks. {have you different types of pen testers)


    • Perform the penetration tests to uncover weaknesses in your cyber defenses.


    • Give you a stakeholder-ready report providing detailed review of your cybersecurity posture. Work with you as Trusted IT Security Advisor, if desired.




Read the 

pen test faq


download a sample report

Just a few of our Penetration Testers


Denis – Chief Security Architect
Denis has been hacking into networks and applications for close to 20 years now. Denis boasts an impressive success rate having never walked away from in internal test without some breach of a high value asset.  External testing is equally impressive with a better than 50% success rate.  Denis is adept at finding that juxtaposition between intended functionality and unintended application capabilities that lead to authentication bypass and data leakage.


Ryan – Director Security Engineering
Ryan has 13 years of experience within the security community in a wide variety of roles both offensively and defensively. Ryan has honed his skill set over the years working with a variety of Commercial and Government Intelligence agencies performing Red Team Assessments and penetration testing. Ryan is truly passionate about ensuring the customer has the highest security posture at the end of the day


David – System Engineer
David has spent his life taking things apart and putting them back together just to learn how they work.  For the past 16 years, he’s translated this drive to IT security — tearing networks, applications, and systems apart, learning how they work, how they break, and discovering how they can be made to do things they weren’t intended to do.   


Marina – Security Engineer
Marina has over 10 years of versatile Information Technology experience. Her years in system administration work brings with it a robust understanding of end-point security defenses and how to defeat them. If there is a way around an end-point control, Marina will ferret it out.

We’ve used avatars to protect our testers anonymity.

Hear what our customers are saying….

“Appreciate your phenomenal leadership in guiding and managing our compliance initiatives. Look forward to building on our partnership in 2017.”
Global Vice President
Cloud Services Provider




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