You never know when your organization may come under attack.  Most companies think they have a security plan. One of the underrated philosophers of our time, Mike Tyson, once remarked “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Will your muscle memory kick in after getting hit? Or will you be overwhelmed? Companies that engage in continuous red/blue battles are far more likely to detect and survive real attacks than companies that rely solely on their current security plans.

TBG Security’s Red Team Services challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness and improve it’s overall cybersecurity readiness posture.  TBG’s Red Team Services consists of two unique services designed to assess the strength of your security program: Red Team Assessments and Red Teaming for Security Improvement.


With TBG Security’s Red Team Services, our Red Team will leverage all the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Actors demonstrating the true security posture of your company.

TBG Security’s Red Team Assessments are a one-time assessment of your organizations security posture while Red Teaming for Security Improvement involves continuous testing of your organizations readiness along with periodic lessons learned sessions designed to help your Team become better prepared to thwart any such attacks going forward.


Neither do we.  Our Red Team Assessments prepare your team for the eventual cyber attack all companies are susceptible to.  Our typical Red Team Assessment starts by working with your company to identify your most valuable assets, whether it’s personal information, trade secrets or intellectual property. These assets can best be described as trophies which our Red Team will attempt to obtain. 

Red Team Assessments typically include penetration testing, physical security testing, testing all wireless and RF systems present for potential wireless access, and also testing employees through several social engineering and phishing exercises.


With Our Red Team for Security Improvement Service, much like our assessment, we’ll define your worst fears and then execute attacks that determine your organizations readiness.  Unlike the Red Team Assessment, the Red Team Service for Security Improvement is an ongoing activity. Attacks will be conducted on a regular basis and vary in nature.  We may do reconnaisance one month and the next month we may focus on your perimeter defenses while exploiting some of your employee’s weakness.  The following period we may test your physical security or internal security. The entire purpose of this is to conduct the testing in a random fashion, in an attempt to exploit any and all your organizations weaknesses, much like the “bad guys” will.  As milestones are achieved, TBG’s Red Team will conduct a lessons learned session with your team designed to share our findings and help your team develop remediation strategies that will help prevent these types of attacks in the future.

Once the milestones are achieved, the trophies obtained, or the Assessment is complete TBG will provide:

  • An executive summary of findings
  • A risk based list of addressable issues
  • Remediation guidance
  • Full technical details including walkthroughs of any success attacks


A penetration test is a study of the effect of vulnerabilities against a target or targets.  The targets can consist of systems, networks, applications or people or any combination of these.  During a penetration test, we assume the identity of an attacker and attempt to gain unauthorized access, and through a series of attacks, expand our influence over our target of evaluation.  A penetration test measures the effectiveness of an organizations security controls at a single point in time.

Red team services go further than penetration testing. Red team exercises have the goals of improving the overall readiness of the organization, better training for defensive practitioners, inspection of current performance levels and measuring a company’s security controls over a longer duration than a typical penetration test. Independent red teams can provide valuable and objective insights about the existence of vulnerabilities and about the efficacy of defenses and mitigating controls already in place and even those planned for future implementation.


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