Network Downtime Costs Your Business Money AND Customers

The price of network downtime is escalating and studies show that outages now cost enterprises an average of $100,000 per hour. The bigger your enterprise, the bigger the damage per hour. Can your Business survive such downtime?

In business, optimizing performance is essential. Your network must be monitored on a regular basis to identify and correct potential problems.If you lack dedicated IT staff, but need your critical network, applications and system resources to be up and running, TBG Security’s remote network monitoring services can help.

Our Network Monitoring Services allow you to focus your limited enterprise resources on core business initiatives, such as managing your financial and marketing responsibilities, or on mission-critical projects, such as strategic network planning and evaluating new network technologies.

Let Us Worry About Your Infrastructure While You Focus On Your Business

For some companies it is too much work to administrate and maintain a network monitoring environment consisting of software and hardware.  For these customers a hosted service for network monitoring is the ideal solution to combine the majority of the benefits of an in-house monitoring solution with the convenience of a provided network monitoring service.

But there are more advantages than convenience:

  • 24×7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Peace-of-mind knowing we are monitoring your systems
  • Reduced downtime
  • The latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed
  • Automatic Fixes for common problems
  • Improved system availability
  • Business critical applications remain consistently available
  • Enables you to focus on your Core Business

For more information on our Network Monitoring Services contact ourNetwork Services Practice Manager or call us directly at 877.233.6651.