Splunk In The Cloud – Log Management Services

Splunk provides your organization with simple and effective capabilities to quickly identify and precisely pinpoint issues within your environment. Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for real-time operational intelligence. It’s an easy, fast and secure way to search, analyze and visualize the massive streams of log data generated by your systems and infrastructure be they physical, virtual or in the cloud.

TBG's Proven Process

log managementFrom data output to forwarding, to making sense of it all, TBG Security’s Managed Services ensure that not only is your data being ingested by your Splunk environment but, that your support staff understands the process and can easily repeat it as new nodes come online in the future. Likewise, not all logs provide meaningful insights. TBG Security has the expertise and know-how to trim your logs to ensure you are only paying to ingest the logs that provide value to your organization.

Deploy: Your Deployment Server acts like a as a centralized configuration manager for any number of other instances. TBG typically utilizes a centralized deployment server which all your forwarders will check into. We will either transform the data here or at a heavy forwarder depending on the volume and your architectural needs.

Analyze: TBG Security certified engineers have been analyzing logs long before Splunk was even around. That experience, coupled with Splunk certification enables our team to create the most powerful dashboards and reports. Working with your team to determine your needs, we will determine the most efficient way to present the information in a clean, easily understandable format.

Enable: TBG Security’s Splunk Certified engineers will show your team how to create efficient searches, dashboards and reports. After all, what’s the point in collecting all this data if everyone can’t make use of it?

Evaluate: TBG Security will continuously monitor your logs and alert you to any issues in your environment. In addition we’ll provide you with actionable reports, recommendations and metrics on a regular schedule to empower you to make any necessary adjustments to your environment.

TBG Benefits

Scalable Solutions: With Splunk In The Cloud, there is no need for your organization to be concerned with questions such as “Will our implementation scale?” TBG Security’s engineers ensure that our secure Splunk datacenter is always ready to meet the needs of your expanding organization.

Quicker Time To Benefits: Rather than having your team spend their time designing, installing, configuring, securing and implementing Splunk, your organization can benefit from quicker implementation time allowing you to recognize the benefits of the solution sooner than if you were to do it yourself.

Faster Implementation: TBG’s certified Splunk professionals will architect ab environment without the headaches and costs associated with hiring and training additional staff.

We’re you partner in Splunk: TBG Security ensures success by working side-by-side with you and your resources throughout the project to create a team that continues well past initial deployment.

Security Is In Our Name: Your Splunk In The Cloud solution is always designed with security and compliance in mind. Data is always encrypted in transit and isolated at intake. If you have a requirement to encrypt your data at rest we can architect that as well.