Cybersecurity predictions 2018: 5 key infosecurity trends to watch out for

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In our last post, we talked about the most significant data breaches of 2017.  And what better way to wrap up 2017 than by pulling out our crystal ball and gazing into the near future.

Using our expertise in infosecurity, here is our shortlist of what to watch out for in the upcoming year:

Expect new EU regulation GDPR to make headlines.

The way in which your website collates ...

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Trump’s budget blueprint: what’s it mean for cybersecurity?

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Last week, we saw the release of the US’s 2018 budget blueprint.

Before I even read the document, I did a random search on some security-related keywords within the 2018 budget to see how many times each one showed up. I found the results rather revealing. Make of this what you will:

  • Cyber: 15
  • Security: 68 (5 of which refer to Homeland Security)
  • Attack: 4
  • Privacy: ...
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