Getting ahead of a new breed of Ransomware

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We typically understand a ransomware attack to be a demand for payment in return for decrypting files. But evolution, even in malware, is inevitable. A fairly new disruptive cyber cell known as The Dark Overlord is relying on the threat of reputation damage to “encourage” its victims to pay up.

You might be thinking that reputation damage wouldn’t be enough to make your firm shake in its boots, but you’d be wrong. These Dark Overlord cyberbullies use nasty tactics ...

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EU GDPR demystified: a straight-forward guide for US firms (PART 1)

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Ahhh GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), the new European data legislation that revamps 20-year-old data protection laws to align with our digital age. It’s a radical and unprecedented piece of legislation, whittled down to a whopping 99 Articles, categorised in 11 Chapters.


AS if 99 articles isn’t bad enough, the effective date is coming sooner than you think….. May 2018, less than a year away.

Some of you, we know, are facing it head on, grappling with how ...

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