(Internet of) Things Change, and Not Always for the Better

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I was chatting with one of my IT Admin friends the other day. Let’s call him Gary to spare him blushes. He has been working in offices for years, and I asked him what little things annoy him these days. Not the Big Stuff like ransomware and corporate spying, I just wanted to know about the day-to-day frustrations.

He said:

 “When I started out as ‘The IT Guy’ in the office, people would come and ask ...

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US border controls, electronic devices and privacy: what to think about

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Since the new US president’s executive order, designed to improve screening and vetting procedures in the name of reducing illegal immigration and terrorist threats, privacy groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and Electronic Frontier Foundation (or the EFF) have voiced concerns about an increase in the number of invasive digital practices during border inspections.

In other words – privacy groups saying that more travellers are being asked to surrender their devices and passcodes are often.

The Privacy groups ...

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