How the US government shutdown damages cybersecurity for everybody

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The US government has been in shutdown mode for a record length of time, already at the time of writing exceeding the previous Clinton-era record, 21 days in 1995-96, by more than 50%.

With disagreement over the $5 billion cost of President Trump’s border wall showing no signs of abating, the shutdown could well roll on into February.

What impact is the shutdown having on cybersecurity?

Website certificates: 

The most visible effect has been on government-run websites. ...

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U.S. and China trade wars: What’s the likely impact on information security?

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Image courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News

The U.S. political landscape is shifting dramatically, and no one knows what this shake out will uncover. For better or worse, it is certainly rocking the boat for U.S. residents, but changes are afoot for other global entities as well.

One of these entities is China.

According to media reports as recent as yesterday, China says it is “fully prepared” for a trade war with the U.S.

This coming ...

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