Turn Machine-generated Big Data into Real-time Insights

Your IT systems and technology infrastructure generate data every second of every day. This machine data contains a categorical record of all user behaviors, service levels, cyber-security risks, fraudulent activities and more. Machine data is one of the fastest growing and most pervasive areas of big data. It’s also one of the most valuable.

TBG Basic platform is used for collecting, analyzing and visualizing machine data. Integrated, end-to-end and real-time, built on Splunk software, provides a unified way to organize and extract actionable insights from the massive amounts of machine data generated across diverse sources.

It’s easy to deploy and use so you can turn your data into insights quickly. And it scales as your needs grow – from a single server to the cloud.

Make Machine-generated Big Data Accessible, Usable and Valuable to Everyone

Our Big Data solutions allow your Enterprise to gain new levels of visibility and insight from your machine-generated big data.  Because it’s one of the fastest, easiest ways to put your data to work. Here’s what makes our solution different:

  • Everything you need in one solution. We collect and index any machine data in real time. Now you can search, browse, navigate, analyze and visualize your data from one place.
  • Never miss a thing. Search and analyze live streaming and terabytes of historically indexed data from one place. Our solution automatically monitors your data for trends and specific patterns of activity or behavior. Then it notifies the people that need to know immediately.
  • Designed for novices and experts. Powerful search, drilldown and reporting capabilities meet the needs of novice users and expert analysts alike. Easy-to-create dashboards put critical insights from your machine data into the hands of the people who need it.
  • Scales to any data volume using commodity hardware. You can scale TBG Basic across the largest global infrastructures, indexing tens of terabytes of data per day. TBG Basic’s integration with Hadoop enables you to conduct big data analytics with additional storage and petabytes of data.
  • Your data’s safe in Splunk. Underlying everything TBG Basic does is a robust security model, providing secure data handling, role-based access controls, auditability and assurance of data integrity.