NIST Privacy Framework – Your Foundation for Future Privacy Compliance

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In preparing to write an article about the NIST Privacy Framework I asked some friends who work in infosec and data protection for their thoughts. With few exceptions the conversation went:

“Oh, you mean the NIST CyberSecurity Framework.”

“No, the Privacy Framework”, I’d reply.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Cybersecurity.”

“I’ll send you a link.”

It’s not surprising that it’s gone under the ...

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Are You in the Dark About Visibility?

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You can’t have good posture without good visibility. This is not a phrase I’ve picked up during those hours of internet yoga classes during lockdown; try saying that in a real life yoga class and you’ll get some very funny looks indeed. But it does describe the core of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Your ‘Security Posture’ is a combination of factors:

  •       Your awareness of current and changing cybersecurity threats.
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