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Having Trouble Finding A CISO? We’ve Got The Answer.

Senior security professionals that really understand how to balance system integrity, confidentiality and availability in line with business priorities are in big demand these days.

Understanding how proposed security controls will impact business operations, finances and technology is a vital step in ensuring that a specific security approach offers you the best return on investment.

TBG Security’s CISO on Demand offers clients CISO services on an as-needed basis. As a trusted advisor to organizations of all sizes, TBG Security can help you align your security programs with business priorities. Our experienced security professionals provide the guidance required to take your current security program to the next level.

What Is a Virtual CISO?

Our vCISO service is designed to provide you with a team of seasoned security experts to either augment your existing security staff or fill the void where organizations have no in-house security expertise. You don’t just get a single strategic advisor but instead, we make our entire organization available to your team. Whether you need someone to secure your network or you require long-term strategic planning or anything in between, our team can provide these services.

When Might I Use a vCISO?

Standard use cases for engaging a vCISO include:

  • Providing interim coverage during a staffing turnover: When an on-site CISO departs, your business has a critical role to fill. A vCISO can offer immediate support and value in handling existing responsibilities while providing input and education to your hiring process and in-house team.
  • Maturing the security posture in your business: Most organizations find salary demands for a full-time on-site CISO out of reach of their budgets. A vCISO is an affordable solution for accessing first-rate expertise.
  • Managing an information security crisis: When a breach occurs, your organization must quickly respond to limit the amount of damage. Having an on-demand vCISO to help swiftly architect a resolution and harden systems against further cyberattacks is invaluable.
  • Aligning strategy and execution continuously: A vCISO keeps up with the trends and knows the tactics bad actors use to compromise security. As those methods evolve, your vCISO can make proactive changes to reduce your threat landscape.

You get the benefit of world-class CISO expertise and highly specialized security talent for a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member

CISO On Demand

You get the benefit of world-class CISO expertise and highly specialized security talent for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, all while improving your security posture in line with your overall business priorities.

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The Benefits Of A CISO On Demand

TBG Security provides its CISO on Demand services on an as-needed basis, be that to cover for an interim CISO appointment or to accomplish specific tasks.

Services include:

  • Creating or updating the IT Security policy
  • Managing IT risk against business goals
  • Developing a robust security program
  • Improving you compliance posture to meet regulatory requirements
  • Reducing overall risk posture
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Implementing services such as Splunk
  • Providing regular stakeholder-ready reports
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Benefits Of Working With Us

Teaming up with TBG Security offers many benefits, including:

  • World-class information security consultancy.
  • Experts in regulatory compliance such as SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and ISO.
  • Experts in meeting the privacy regulations of GDPR, CPRA and various state privacy laws. 
  • Specialists in customizable security assessment services for financial, industrial, and corporate environments.
  • Fully independent and expert advice.
  • Fully certified, including CISSP, CISM, CISA, and GIAC.
  • More affordability and quicker acquisition than an in-house hire.
  • No training investment — vCISOs have the experience to make an immediate impact.
  • Flexibility in choosing the services and engagement frequencies your business needs.
  • Industry expertise across many types and sizes of businesses.
  • Accessibility — we’re a phone call or Slack message away.
  • TBG Security doesn’t bring you cookie-cutter services. As your trusted information security partner, we take a consultative approach and design a bespoke solution tailored to your unique organizational needs.
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How Do vCISOs Work With In-House Teams?

Virtual CISO services complement your existing IT teams in numerous ways:

  • They can help manage in-house IT security staff: vCISOs typically have the supervisory experience to coach your existing IT security personnel.
  • They can share their knowledge: As a top-level information security expert, your vCISO can provide in-depth industry education to support your in-house team’s learning and maturation.
  • They can help in-house teams with the workload: Modern IT security staff often find themselves overwhelmed. A vCISO can help support an in-house or fractional CISO on demand.

Do You Need a Fractional CISO?

Some companies use the terms fractional CISO and virtual CISO interchangeably. At TBG Security, we know there’s a distinct difference between the two.

Fractional CISO services are generally on-site and provided by a part-time CISO. This person may also handle other IT responsibilities for the organization or even work part-time for another company. Conversely, vCISO services come from an outsourced team of cybersecurity professionals and are not organizational employees.

While a fractional CISO may be a workable solution for some companies, these CISOs are devoting time to other responsibilities. Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from the affordability and flexibility of a vCISO with a singular focus — their information security.

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