Cybersecurity Architecture Assessment

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Reduce Your IT Security Risk

We all know that the IT security threat is evolving. Today, the impact of a modern cyber attack is often disastrous to an organization’s services, reputation and financial health.

In the face of these emerging threats, the question is whether your existing security policies and implementations offer adequate protection.

Introducing the TBG Security Cyber Security Architecture Assessment. This service is designed to improve the resilience of your organization.

Following a detailed evaluation of your organization’s network security architecture, technology policies and management practices, TBG Security experts will provide you with a cybersecurity architecture analysis report.

The service identifies vulnerabilities and recommends improvements that align with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, industry best practices, and your organization’s own security policy.

This analysis is a cost-effective way for organizations to benchmark their current IT security posture and understand what steps are required to strengthen their network security infrastructure, avoid unexpected costs, and reduce compliance exposures.

TBG Security is completely vendor agnostic, so we can offer the best advice and recommendations.

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If you think compliance is expensive….
try non-compliance.

– Former Attorney General Paul McNulty

Our Approach

How We Work

Often, our clients opt to combine our risk assessment, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing in a single engagement.

Each of these activities plays a part in building a risk profile of the organization.

When we conduct penetration testing, we use the information gleaned from the vulnerability scanning exercise and attempt to perform actual attacks against the systems within our target of evaluation.

We use both automated tools and manual hacking techniques to subvert intended controls and exploit identified vulnerabilities. We provide proof of concepts to help in the construction of a prioritized, risk-based list of issues requiring remediation.

Once we have completed these three assessment activities, we produce a risk report containing detailed findings and recommendations. This report is one of the necessary pieces of evidence required by most of industry standards bodies – the absence of which can result in failing an audit.

Want to know more about Risk Assessments? We’re here to help.

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