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Federal cybersecurity standards, such as HIPAAGramm-Leach-Bliley Act, or FISMA, are designed to help safeguard overall national economic wellbeing, as well as defend the integrity of critical, transport and infrastructure systems.

State governments have also introduced state regulations, such as New York’s cybersecurity rule or Massachuett’s 201 CMR, helping ensure that systems are secure and sensitive information is correctly stored and transmitted.

TBG Security are experts at helping clients meet federal and state cybersecurity standards.
Why do our clients come back year after year? They say it’s a combination of our in-depth IT security knowledge, our familiarity with complex network environments, and our efficient and effective approach to meeting legislative requirements.

Our services include readiness assessments, recommendations for remediation, and strategic consulting before, during and/or after a cybersecurity state and federal standards review.

We also provide customized compliance consultancy services upon request.

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40% of IT teams store admin and privileged passwords insecurely.

-DMR Statistics

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Let Us Help You Achieve Compliance

TBG Security consultants have been helping customers comply with State and Federal business and privacy regulations for more than a decade.

Working as either a full-service consultant, or as an adjunct to your in-house teams, TBG Security will execute our phased compliance readiness process to ensure that the business meets or exceeds your compliance requirements.

Services include:

  • create a comprehensive information security policy
  • perform an audit to determine current level of regulatory compliance
  • provide remediation for vulnerabilities detected on your systems
  • advise your company on specific steps needed to achieve compliance
  • deploy security infrastructure to encrypt email messages automatically
  • encrypt your company’s laptops and other mobile devices
  • secure your primary security infrastructure, including firewalls, VPN access, anti-phishing, and tools to protect against malicious code

Compliance Consulting Services

Our services are designed to help your company achieve compliance goals and meet or exceed regulatory compliance obligations.

Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Experts at compliance certification
  • Range of compliance services available
  • Provide stakeholder-ready report

Want to know more about our State and Federal regulatory services? We’re here to help.

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