Cloud Security Compliance

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Compliance For Cloud Security

Obtaining and maintaining compliance with the numerous data security and privacy regulations is no small task. With the constantly changing Privacy regulations and compliance obligations every organization is subject to today added to the challenges of Cloud computing today it can be a monumental task to keep up. Ensuring yur organization meets its obligations requires a trusted advisor with the experience to determine which of the myriad of regulatory requirements apply to your organization and what you’re doing to achieve and maintain your compliance posture.

As organizations continue to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, cloud security compliance is, or should be, a number one priority.

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Not “One Size Fits All”

Privacy, security, state and federal regulations are growing increasingly complex and confusing. Complying with these requirements only becomes more challenging as organizations move away from on-prem solutions to the cloud. To add complexity to the matter, your cloud data centers may straddle multiple countries, jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks. When designing, implementing and monitoring your compliance posture, organizations are looking for trusted advisors that can proactively addressing cloud security compliance issues and meet the data center security requirements of regulations like GDPR, HIPAA,SOX and PCI.

“There are risks and costs to a program of action — but they are far less than the long range cost of comfortable inaction.”

– John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

Custom Compliance Programs

Most organizations today are global in nature and therefore are subject to an increasing number of regulatory and industry regulations to meet. While a number of frameworks exist, no one framework can account for every specific requirement within the numerous global data security and privacy regulations. Our team of trusted advisors and compliance experts will work with you to develop, implement and monitor a robust security program tailored to meet your organization’s specific compliance requirements.

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Our Cloud Expertise

  • TBG Security’s approach is repeatable as well as customizable for all types of Cloud offerings.
  • With over 15 years helping organizations meet their compliance requirements we’ve become the trusted advisor for a wide variety of businesses.
  • We focus our expertise exclusively on the top-tier Cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google. Our Cloud Security experts will assess any Cloud solution regardless of size, purpose or location.
  • At TBG Security our focus is ensuring your organization is secure. We don’t advocate products but rather focus all our attention on building a robust security program for your organization.

Want to know more about how TBG Security can help with your Cloud Compliance requirements? We’re here to help.