Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

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How Mature Is Your Cloud Security Program?

Performing a cloud security and maturity check is important to determining whether your current use of the cloud is secure and mature enough to protect your organizations assets.

Much in the same way business is undergoing a digital transformation, the dissolving perimeter is forcing you to transform your security program in a similar way that the . In order to better manage risk, data protection and threat protection security programs need to be retooled for today’s cloud solutions.

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Cloud computing is a challenge to security, but one that can be overcome.

– Whitfield Diffie

TBG’s Cloud Security And Maturity Assessment

TBG Security’s Assessment Model provides an in-depth review of an organization’s ability to protect its information assets and its readiness to respond to cyber threats.

Our assessment looks beyond just technical aspects of your security posture. It takes a balanced view of how prepared the organization is for cyber threats across people, process and the technologies deployed to counter vulnerabilities. The Cloud Security Maturity Assessment service is designed to help you:

  • Determine your current security posture and areas of improvement
  • Identify shortcomings in your organizations overall readiness to repel a cyber attack on your cloud environment
  • Identify areas for remediation and create a roadmap of prioritized remediation activities to mature your security program
  • Demonstrate both corporate and operational compliance
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Our Cloud Expertise

  • TBGSecurity’s approach is repeatable as well as customizable for all types of Cloud offerings.
  • We focus our expertise exclusively on the top-tier Cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google. Our Cloud Security experts will assess any Cloud solution regardless of size, purpose or location.
  • At TBG Security our focus is ensuring your organization is secure. We don’t advocate products but rather focus all our attention on building a robust security program for your organization.

Want to know more about how TBG Security can help secure your Cloud implementation? We’re here to help.