Penetration Testing for Gaming and Sportsbooks

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Penetration Tests Keep You In The Game

Whenever you read about the online gaming industry you’ll find mention of how it’s a $100 billion dollar industry. That kind of attention draws out the nefarious types and bad actors. It’s not just capturing the payment date from the purchase of the game itself but rather the in game or in book purchases that entice these bad actors since players are connecting some kind of payment account, like a credit or debit card.  If the bad actors get this information it could be game over for you and your players.

The outcome of a data breach can be:

  • Company brand is tarnished
  • Consumer trust erodes
  • Players leave (or can’t play) or play anonymously
  • Players stop buying (or can’t buy)

In order to ensure the security of your gaming platform or Sportsbook, experts recommend regular penetration testing be provided by a qualified third party.  In fact all states, where Sportsbooks and gaming are legal, actually require security testing be performed prior to approving gaming platforms and/or Sportsbooks.

TBG Security has a tried-and-tested approach to penetration testing. The foundation to our approach is built on reconnaissance. A solid recon effort is key to any engagement, and we focus on target identification, footprinting, and server and service vulnerability identification.

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Gaming is becoming an increasingly prevalent part of our culture and is thus becoming a more enticing target for attackers. Whether it be through phishing attacks, malware distribution, vulnerability exploitation or fraud campaigns, attackers have found various ways to profit from gamers and gaming companies.

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Network Penetration Testing

TBG Security follows a modified NIST 800-115 standard when performing network penetration testing.

Detailed tasks include:

  • Discovery – Engineers begin by identifying hosts to be included in our target of evaluation. Sometimes this information is provided upfront; other times we must use technical means to discern the addresses of live hosts within the target environment.
  • Enumeration – Once they have a detailed list of targets, we will enumerate them to identify available services on each target.
  • Vulnerability scanning – These targets are then fed into our commercial vulnerability scanner and an automated vulnerability assessment is performed.
  • Gain Access – The identified vulnerabilities will then be leveraged to gain access to systems within the target environment.
  • Escalate Privileges – Leveraging exploits and other techniques engineers will escalate privileges to access more of the system and all the files on the machines.
  • System Browsing – Browsing the systems for data, credentials, or other information to expand our influence. If more systems are found additional discovery and vulnerability scanning will be performed.
  • Lateral Movement – Moving laterally within the network to expand influence and look for more valuable data that an attack could be looking for.
  • Reporting – Engineers compile all of the data into a comprehensive repot laying out attacks methods, and risk ratings for each area of the organization.
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How We Work

We employ the world’s best and most certified white-hat hackers to uncover holes in your IT security.


  • Understand and prioritize your concerns and penetration tests goals (eg compliance, vulnerability, internal threat, etc).
  • Agree on penetration testing approach and timing.
  • Assign expert cyber security penetration tester tasks best suited for the tasks.
  • Perform the penetration tests to uncover weaknesses in your cyber defenses.
  • Give you a stakeholder-ready report providing detailed review of your cybersecurity posture.
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Benefits Of Working With Us

Experts at compliance certification

Range of compliance services available

Provide stakeholder-ready report

Want to know more about penetration tests for compliance purposes? We’re here to help.