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As the national mandate for the sharing of patient information gathers strength in step with the growing number of regional health information network initiatives, effective patient privacy and security of patient data become even more urgent. It’s essential not only to implement an appropriate security program, but to safeguard your ability to protect and restore your information assets and ensure care continuity in the case of an adverse event.

We recognize that healthcare organizations require more than just a strong security solution. Protecting patient privacy while facilitating the access of assigned caregivers—particularly in emergency situations—and implementing effective, practical security solutions takes specific knowledge of the healthcare environment and comprehensive understanding of federal, state, and industry regulations.

At the same time, the government is looking closely at HIPAA violations and covered entities are starting to pay the price for violating the security rule. Providence Health & Services in Seattle is making a $100,000 resolution payment to the government and must spend countless more time and money implementing a corrective action plan to ensure their security program meets the letter of the law.

Is there a security audit in your future? Will your organization be able to stand up to the increased scrutiny and enforcement from CMS and the OIG?

How TBG Security Can Help Your Business

TBG Security provides end-to-end information security solutions. We have a proven track record of helping our customers gain efficiencies through technology support and implementation. Our experienced network of security experts has subject- matter expertise in a broad array of disciplines.

Through our industry expertise and track record with PCI and other compliance requirements for over 15 years, TBG Security acts as a trusted advisor to its clients around the world. We are on hand to guide our clients through their compliance program, to provide often vital advocacy to the compliance organizations and , and to supply any necessary remediation services. Our Industry expertise is reflected in these key benefits:

The Shortest Path To Compliance. Unlike companies that simply know network security, we understand the requirements for a broad range of compliance regulations. We’ve seen the issues before and have implemented solutions across a broad spectrum of industries and customer profiles. Few other vendor can apply this unique knowledge and expertise to achieve faster, higher integrity project completion.

Flexible Solutions. We pride ourselves on our customer driven approach to solving your organizations security challenges. TBG does not partner with any security vendors leaving us with a unique ability in the industry to present truly objective solutions.

Commitment To Excellence. Although many vendors offer services to companies seeking compliance and auditing solutions, few providers match TBG’s expertise, intelligence-gathering capabilities, commitment to open standards, or role as trusted advisor.


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