Which TBG Security Service Is Right For You?

We offer a wide range of security services offerings, all designed to help improve and maintain your overall security posture.

Whether your goal is to comply with regulatory requirements, test your system for vulnerabilities or improve your overall security posture, we can tailor an offering to meet your needs.

At TBG Security we don’t believe one size fits all so what may fit for a comparable organization may not meet your security needs today. We strive to deliver our services with flawless execution in the most professional manner.

flawless execution


TBG Security Services Matrix

This TBG Security Services Matrix, below, shows you exactly how we bundle our services.

We know that one size most definitely does not fit all, so we provide a number of offerings focusing on specific IT security objectives. We can also customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Below the matrix, you get an overview of each individual service and a direct link to more information.

tbg Security ServicesMatrix

Red Team – TBG Security’s Red Team Service is our most comprehensive service offering providing you with the most comprehensive view of your organization’s overall security posture.  This real-world testing of your security posture continuously pokes and prods your organization using a wide range of attack vectors, all without disrupting network availability or business continuity.

Data Breach Protection – TBG Security’s Data Breach Protection is a preemptive approach to reducing your organization’s exposure to a data breach. While not as comprehensive as our Red Team approach to security, many of the same services included in Red Team can be added into our Data Breach Protection plans to provide you greater coverage.

Cybersecurity Architecture Assessment – The service identifies vulnerabilities and recommends improvements that align with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, industry best practices, and your organization’s own security policy. This TBG Security service is designed to give you a comprehensive view of your cybersecurity infrastructure and includes a Gap Analysis against the NIST cybersecurity framework as well as internal and external penetration testing.

Compliance Readiness Assessment – For organizations with compliance requirements such as, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI DSS, 201 CMR 17.00, TBG Security provides a readiness assessment service.  The Readiness Assessment will include a Gap Analysis measuring your organization’s readiness to meet your compliance obligations. The service includes an assessment against the compliance mandates as well as internal & external penetration testing.

External Penetration Testing  While many organizations offer penetration testing few follow a specific methodology or standard.  TBG Security follows the NIST 800-115 standard when performing penetration testing. Our approach takes the NIST framework and couples together the many years of experience we bring to the table resulting in a robust and comprehensive report.  

Internal Penetration Testing One of the bigger threats to an organization’s IT security are those with network access, namely employees. During TBG Security’s internal penetrations tests, we follow the same methodology of our external penetration tests except we focus exclusively on your internal network components.

Compliance Penetration Testing For organizations that need to meet their compliance obligations, we offer penetration testing for compliance purposes.  Such penetration tests usually require a more rigorous pen test against very specific requirements and at TBG Security we’re well acquainted with these requirements and the testing required.  We follow the same methodology as our external penetration tests with a focus on the specific compliance requirements.

Application Penetration TestingTBG follows a combination of NIST 800-115 and OWASP Web Application Testing methodologies to fully audit the entire security posture of an application. When testing applications engineers attempt to subvert the security controls used by the applications. This service focuses on a specific application(s) and can include a combination of automated and manual penetration testing.


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