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Fortune® 2000 companies depend on TBG Security services in areas including

Virtual CIO on Demand

Client’s Challenge

A leading provider of corporate immigration services and solutions with over 250 attorneys and over 1000
professional immigration specialists and staff located in more than 30 offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific,
and Europe who works in partnership with clients to facilitate the hiring and transfer of employees
worldwide. The senior management team recognized that the Information Technology group was
fragmented and understaffed in comparison to other firms of their size. However, not being a technology
focused organization with no inclination to become one, they sought a strategic partner to help them
navigate a myriad of common issues including:

  • WAN performance
  • enterprise database and email replication
  • database performance
  • security services
  • product procurement, and
  • disaster recovery
  • talent recruitment.

TBG Security Solution

Our client’s needs were so broad in nature, we elected to partner with them offering a virtual CIO
approach solution. We became a part of their core strategic decision making team. In this capacity, we
were able to mentor their IT staff and management and provide subject matter expertise on a project by
project basis For example, when there was a project to tackle a tactical production issue, we would
provide database and software engineering support to the IT team, or when gaps were identified in the risk
management process, we spearheaded an internal vulnerability management initiative, and assisted our
client in recruiting for an internal position own that process.

Impact on client’s business

TBG Security’s “virtual” C-level staff augmentation has helped them realize a level of expertise otherwise
difficult to touch for a company of its size. With a Virtual CIO you get an expert team capable of
providing a broader stroke of experience across the spectrum of technology needs – eliminating the need
for you to support a staff trained in multiple disciplines. As a result of Specialists handling tasks instead
of generalists – our client gets better service and better solutions. In addition, they reduced their IT related expenses – since they are only paying for services they use.

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