What If  Your Company Had A Data Breach?

A security breach involving customer data can be devastating to retail and consumer companies and lead to a host of business problems—from negative publicity and impact on corporate reputation to loss of customer trust, fines, investigations and litigation.  The average cost of a breach today is $188 per record in the U.S, According to the Ponemon Institute, with the total costs of data breach hitting upwards of $5.4 million.

What If  I Ignore The Breach?

Would you ignore a thief who broke into your house? Ignoring a data breach not only potentially compromises sensitive information; it also puts you at risk of monetary or criminal penalties. For example, “willful neglect” of Protected Health Information (PHI) carries penalties up to $1.5 million and potential criminal liability. Ignoring the problem can also expose you to lawsuits from Federal and state agencies,[v] customers, employees, business partners and vendors.

TBG Security's Data Breach Protection Solution

TBG’s Data Breach Prevention Solution is a preemptive approach to minimizing your organizations exposure to the risk of a data breach. Additionally, in the unlikely event of a data breach, TBG Security Specialists are accessible to your organization immediately.  Our Data Breach Protection Solution consists of;

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Scans

    Quarterly Vulnerability Scans of your organizations infrastructure including:

    • Scans your environment from both inside and outside the firewall.
    • Identifies risk based upon how vulnerability in one system affects another.
    • Determines if your systems comply with corporate and regulatory policies.
    • Provides detailed information on how to fix vulnerabilities quickly and easily.
    • Delivers accurate scanning results using an expert system.
    • Customizable reports tailored to your organizations business needs.
  • Smart Guy Time

    During each quarter, you’ll have access to TBG’s Security Specialists for ½ to a full day depending on your needs. This time can be tailored to meet your business needs.  For example, an open forum for education, proposed method and process review, or a sounding board for future security or operational designs or budgets.

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Review

    After each scan we’ll conduct a detailed review of the outcome of the latest scan.

  • Expert, Immediate Incident And Forensic Response

    When a breach occurs, you need immediate answers: how did it happen, who is affected and what are the risks. Whether your data breach incident is due to a malicious attack, a breakdown in your data security and procedure, or simply human error, timely forensic analysis can help you quickly contain the damage and accurately scope the systems and individuals affected by it.  Our team of digital forensics experts, along with our data breach response team, swing into action immediately to help you identify breach causes and likely effects, swiftly close security gaps, and develop an effective response plan that is aligned with your business goals as well as executing prescribed activities by regularity groups and agencies.

For more information about our Data Breach Protection Services, contact us our Consulting Practice Manager or call us directly at 877.233.6651 ext 707