Information security policy provides the strategy and IS governing rules that guide an organization to make critical technology, process, management, and administrative decisions to protect valuable assets.

An implementation of security policies and procedures must address your current and future requirements in order to promote stability and growth. At TBG Security we understand the importance of protecting businesses from the thousands of security threats that networks receive every day. Our objective is to help our clients maximize their technology investments and make information more secure by implementing comprehensive security strategies and operations plans. Most security problems aren’t just technical, they’re organizational. Good policies and practices aligned to corporate goals and a thoroughly trained staff can help reduce risk as effectively as the most up-to-date technology.

We help you make sure that your security policies and standards – and the people they’re intended to guide – are as sound as your technology.

TBG Security's Approach To Policy Reviews

Policies and Standards

As part of any project, we carefully assess the gaps in your policies and standards – not just in your systems. We’ve discovered that almost all the problems we uncover aren’t just technical problems, they’re organizational problems. If you lack a security policy or a standard where you need one, we’ll help you develop it. If your policies and standards aren’t serving you well, we’ll identify why and help you improve them.

Strategic Planning

Policies and standards that serve you well today might not be adequate in the future. The marketplace changes. New regulations come into effect. Threats evolve. We help you develop a strategic planning process so that you can evolve as circumstances change.

Business Process

Security isn’t just about security, it’s about your business. We look at your organization as a whole to determine the impact a security or compliance failure might have on your operations, your reputation, and your business objectives. We help you assess and develop policies and standards – and a strategy – that both strengthen your security and advance your business goals.