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HIPAA Readiness Assessment Sample Report

Our experience dealing with numerous healthcare environments enables us to look at your business processes and data environment to provide an effective and accurate HIPAA assessment. Using the latest HIPAA/HiTrust requirements, we review your existing controls against the requirements of HIPAA or HITRUST and provide you withe a list of gaps identified along with remediation plan to help you achieve compliance.

Why conduct a HIPAA Readiness Assessment?

A HIPAA readiness assessment, commonly called a gap assessment, helps businesses prepare for a formal HIPAA or HITRUST compliance assessment; it’s your chance to identify and address any issues before they’re flagged during the official review. Typically, businesses enlist third-party HIPAA experts to conduct a readiness assessment, find any deficiencies, and develop a remediation plan.

Readiness assessments help ensure all necessary technical and policy components are in place along with the appropriate security controls before you go through a more formal audit process. Conducting such an assessment will save you both time and money as you prepare for your upcoming audit or certification.

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