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Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for real-time operational intelligence. It is a system to quickly identify and precisely pinpoint issues within your network environment.

Whether your systems and infrastructure are physical, virtual or in the cloud, Splunk can help you search, analyze and visualize massive streams of log data.

However, designing, installing, configuring, securing and implementing a scalable service can take a lot of time and resource if you are not a Splunk expert.

Organizations can radically simplify the implementation, as well as the ongoing management, of Splunk services by working with our Splunk certified architects and admins.

TBG Security’s job is to make the provision of a repeatable, scalable and reliable process for on-boarding data securely as efficient as possible, getting you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Our certified Splunk architects bring years of big data experience and  expertise, making sure you get the most out of your implementation.

Splunk Cunsulting Services


Our Services for Splunk Users

Rapid Deployment Service

We designed TBG Security’s Rapid Deployment service for clients who have a good idea of what they want, but might be lacking the experience, knowledge or resources to begin the process.

Over an approximate period of two weeks, TBG Security will work with your engineers to implement seamlessly within your environment.

The advantages of this approach are many, including trimming your logs to ensure you only pay for the ones providing actual value to organization.

Services for Splunk

TBG Security’s Services offering lets you get the most out of your Splunk implementation, be it a local or cloud-based implementation.

TBG Security’s certified Splunk architects will manage your implementation on your behalf, ensuring it is properly secured and alerting you immediately to any issue when they arise.

This service includes:

  • Create powerful dashboards and stakeholder reports
  • Internal training to improve searches
  • Monthly review and updates
  • Continuous log monitoring
  • Certified experts: CISSP, CISM, CISA, GIAC, and more…
  • Regular reporting on findings
  • Decades of experience in cybersecurity risk management


Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Scalable Solution: TBG Security’s engineers ensure that our secure Splunk data center is always ready to meet the needs of your expanding organization.
  • Faster Implementation: TBG Security’s certified Splunk professionals will architect an environment for you, so you don’t have to face the headaches and costs associated with hiring and training additional staff.
  • Security Is In Our Name: We take security and compliance seriously. We ensure that data is always encrypted in transit and isolated at intake. If you have a requirement to encrypt your data at rest, we can architect that as well.

Hear what our customers are saying…

“I had initially brought TBG in for a limited role and function and during that process I was so impressed with their execution, knowledge and customer service focus I expanded their role to analyze, consult and remediate our security challenges. There are few companies that are superlative in their field with consistent competency and execution and I have found TBG to be in that category.”
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