Security Solutions For Application Developers

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Security Solutions For Software Developers

Development and QA teams have to address security issues early in the process, but that’s always a hard sell to management. Here’s one statistic that may make a difference: According to Gartner, 75 percent of hacks happen at the application level.

Most enterprise developers can recite various software architecture layers as though it’s the easy question on the computer science final exam: operating system, application server, Web server, database server, application, network. Providing security at each of these levels is important, and traditionally accountability lies with the network and production staff. However, a few new statistics, offered Wednesday at the Gartner Application Development Summit here, stress new security efforts that development and quality assurance teams must make during the application development life cycle.

According to Theresa Lanowitz, Gartner Inc. research director, the problems of network and physical security within IT have largely been solved, leaving the application layer the most vulnerable. Today, claims Lanowitz, “75 percent of hacks happen at the application.” As a result, companies that don’t take responsibility for security issues during the development process are significantly more likely to experience a catastrophic event.

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“75 percent of hacks happen at the application.”

— Theresa Lanowitz, Gartner Inc. Research Director

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TTBG Security provides end-to-end information security solutions. We have a proven track record of helping our customers gain efficiencies through technology support and implementation. Our experienced network of security experts has subject- matter expertise in a broad array of disciplines.

Through our industry expertise and track record with PCI and other compliance requirements for over 15 years, TBG Security acts as a trusted advisor to its clients around the world. We are on hand to guide our clients through their compliance program, to provide often vital advocacy to the compliance organizations and , and to supply any necessary remediation services. Our Industry expertise is reflected in these key benefits:

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