Have You Scanned Your Network Lately?

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, antivirus measures and firewalls simply cannot deliver sufficient protection. And when you consider that record levels of security breaches have been reported in all industries-across the globe, now is the time for midsize businesses to take their security seriously. TBG Security believes in a comprehensive approach to vulnerability assessments. To achieve the broadest possible view of a customer’s security posture, we start with our External scanning service. This assessment focuses on your Internet-facing devices and their susceptibility to attack. We take a “hacker’s eye view” of your perimeter and use many of the tools and techniques that hackers deploy to footprint potential targets.

The foundation of the External scanning service is TBG Scanner, our state-of-the-art custom hardware and software tool. Housed in our Secure Operations Center (or SOC), TBG Scanners perform extensive assessments against the customer’s external network segment(s) and produce detailed, informative security reports.

Internal and External Coverage

External scanning provides a great test of a network’s susceptibility to attack from Internet sources, but does not to identify vulnerabilities to attacks staged inside the core network. For this reason, we encourage our customers to also use TBG Scanner’s powerful capabilities to perform regular scans from an internal vantage point. TBG Security can deliver our Internal scanning service to you by bringing a portable version of TBG Scanner into your corporate environment, or TBG Scanner can be configured as an appliance and left in place to become an integral part your ongoing vulnerability management strategy.

Results To Make Informed Decisions

The power of TBG Scanner combined with TBG’s exceptional security expertise provides the most comprehensive and effective approach toward vulnerability assessments. We never simply run automated scans and pass them off to our customers. Every scanning customer is assigned a highly trained security expert to help with the process of interpreting results and building a roadmap to sensible risk mitigation. Whether you decide to utilize TBG Scanner and our staff for the purpose of a one-time scan, or as a more comprehensive scheduled scanning service, you will find that the expertise we put behind our services are the best in the industry.

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