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Cyber Security Solutions For iGaming

The online gambling industry has become immensely popular and profitable. With the pandemic forcing shutdowns of casinos and keeping everyone at home the industry has blossomed. That along with more and more states approving iGaming the industry continues to grow rapidly. Unfortunately, with that growth comes risk and the bad actors are no doubt circling the industry looking for weaknesses to exploit.

The importance of cybersecurity in the gaming industry is not a new revelation. The gaming industry has grown at an ever accelerating rate over the past decade. As more people around the world are more and more connected, their adoption of online games has also expanded. Security will be of the utmost importance to state gaming commissions and/or sports wagering committees. States have a golden opportunity to get it right the first time and leverage the latest technologies and services.

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“We have continued our growth in 2022 by focusing on being the trusted advisor to our current customers and expanding our risk management offerings in the iGaming industry.”

– Frank Murphy CEO TBG Security

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Penetration Testing for iGaming

With high business risks, ever-changing threats and increasing regulation, cybersecurity must become a top priority for iGaming companies. Money is not the only thing that can be lost in a cyber-attack. The personal data of your players can be stolen. Once the bad actors are able to access a players’ personal accounts, they can use this information to hack into their email or social media and reek all kinds of damage like holding their data hostage, blackmailing the player, placing bets for the player that they never intended or simply resell it to other bad actors. In these instances, not only will you lose the trust of the player, the reputational damage and financial penalties could put you out of business.

In order to ensure the security of your gaming platform or Sportsbook, experts recommend regular penetration testing be provided by a qualified third party. In fact all states, where Sportsbooks and gaming are legal, actually require security testing be performed prior to approving gaming platforms and/or Sportsbooks.

At TBG Security we’re an approved penetration testing firm in all states in the US where iGaming is legal.

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TBG Security follows a modified NIST 800-115 standard when performing network penetration testing.

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