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How to hire a good CISO: a short – but informative – guide

The deluge of cyberattacks hasn’t abated. Before we discuss what a CISO does and the different ways you can bring...

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EU GDPR demystified: a straightforward checklist for US firms (PART THREE)

In this GDPR post, we provide you with a curated checklist to assist you during your  journey to compliance with t...

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Petya or NotPetya – How It Spreads And What To Do About It

Petya or NotPetya That Is The Question Actually, this latest ransomware outbreak is not Petya. The malware appears...

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EU GDPR demystified: a straightforward reference guide for US firms (PART TWO)

Understanding whether you are impacted by GDPR is a key first step. A survey, carried out at RSA 2017 by Imperva, f...

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EU GDPR demystified: a straight-forward guide for US firms (PART 1)

Ahhh GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), the new European data legislation that revamps 20-y...

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We’ve all got password fatigue, but are NIST’s new policies wise?

Ah the necessary evil of passwords. Those of us who have worked in organizations that require users to change passw...

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