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Welcome to the TBG Security Blog where we discuss industry news, new regulations, and provides loads of tips and advice on how to better secure your organization’s environment. If you would like us to cover a specific topic, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at info@tbgsec.com.

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Some useful advice for newly-appointed CIOs and CISOs

For the newly appointed CIO or CISO, being hit with an unexpected information security disaster is like a bone-crus...

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Blockchain – not just for cryptocurrencies, and not guaranteed secure

Blockchain continues to be widely promoted as a panacea set to revolutionize the internet, cut out all manner of mi...

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Yes, the passwords users choose *really* matters

Earlier this month, we celebrated that little-known tribute day known as World Password Day. Responsible security o...

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Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Red Teams Explained

Confused about vulnerability testing and penetration tests and Red teams? I’m not surprised one bit. These days,...

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Meet CIS RAM: the new balanced infosecurity framework

Applications, devices, technology and service provisioning are the bread and butter of IT, but any information secu...

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What is an information security framework and why do I need one?

An information security framework, when done properly, will allow any security leader to more intelligently manage...

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