Before you buy or connect a smart device (IoT), read this!

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The Internet of Things (IoT), as a term, has been bandied around a lot over the last few years.

Many people – even those that work in the technology sector – are still unclear on what IoT really means.

In this blog series, we will define IoT, talk about why infosecurity experts are concerned, and delve into some of the issues facing both providers and consumers.

We’ll also provide some practical recommendations for both parties:

  • Consumers of IoT devices: Tips for choosing the right IoT ...
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CISOs, Do you have enough resources to do your jobs? No, we didn’t think so.

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Be honest – how many of you CISOs out there are relying on a kind of “Fingers Crossed” approach when it comes to protecting your most valuable organizational assets?

If you are nodding quietly in answer to this question, you’re not alone.

We get it. The role and responsibilities of the CISO have changed dramatically since the role’s inception in the 1990s.

20 years ago, CISOs were focused on securing and defending the network perimeter. This meant ensuring firewalls were configured properly, vulnerabilities ...

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