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Risk & Compliance

TBG Security will help you manage your compliance with industry regulatory bodies while reducing your risk of a security breach. Compliance and risk management can be challenging for organizations, and our risk and compliance management services help you manage this aspect of cybersecurity.

Our advisors are knowledgeable about the IT requirements of regulations like HIPAAPCI DSS and more. We’ll make sure your organization is following these requirements to achieve compliance. Even if your company isn’t subject to industry-level regulation, our risk and compliance management team will reduce the chance of your private data being compromised.

TBG Security offers risk and compliance management services for many industries, including cloud services, hedge funds, health services, investment firms and retail.

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TBG Security experts can help guide your compliance with state and federal privacy regulations affecting your industry. With ever-increasing regulations to abide by including HIPAA and CCPA, it can be challenging to keep your organization compliant. Falling behind can cause your organization to incur large fines that disrupt your business operations.

With more than a decade of experience, TBG Security experts are knowledgeable in the business and privacy regulations impacting your industry. As an extension to your in-house team, we will guide you through our phased compliance readiness process so your organization meets the latest privacy standards. Our services to support your compliance include policy creation, deploying security infrastructure and more.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services take an active approach to detecting vulnerabilities and meeting compliance requirements. We use a modular method to tailor pentesting to each customer, so you’ll get rapid results with minimal disruption to your operations. TBG Security offers pentesting for Fortune 2000 firms and businesses in the education, healthcare and government sectors.

TBG Security also offers penetration testing for the iGaming industry. We are one of the only game pentesting companies with a license in every state requiring a license for online gambling. Our approach uses target identification and footprinting based on reconnaissance. The testing is manual, so real people pretend to engage in bad behavior to test the system. This method is more authentic and yields more actionable data than the procedural behavior of automatic pentesting.

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vCISO Solutions

The cybersecurity consulting services at TBG Security reduce your exposure to IT threats by protecting your systems from intrusion and data loss. Our trusted advisors will assess your IT system to identify the possible risks of a breach. We’ll help your company meet your IT security goals through a tailored action plan designed for your objectives.

Our IT services also include CISO on Demand for CISO services on an as-needed basis. VCISO improves your current security program. Our vendor risk management service helps you identify and mitigate third-party vendor risks in your cyber supply chain, while our supply chain management program enables you to reduce your overall risk.

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Cloud Security

The cloud security services at TBG Security supplement the basic protections most cloud storage providers offer. Our security measures protect your cloud data while restricting access to your confidential information. Our approach is repeatable and customizable. We’re experts in cloud security for leading providers such as Azure, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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TBG Security is a cybersecurity company focused on protecting your business from data loss, security breaches and other risks. We have more than 15 years of experience serving Fortune 2000 companies with virtual CISO (VCISO), penetration testing, risk and compliance, incident response and more. Our team is fully equipped to serve as your trusted advisor for IT security and data protection.

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